Will Tesla sell FSD for Semi at substantially higher prices?

I would be really surprised if they did not have different FSD prices for Semi than consumer vehicles. ROI for customers are just too good to give FSD savings away.


  • Then again, it might be included in the base price. It will be interesting to see what Tesla does. With a totally different market and competition, it may require different strategies.
  • The truck without FSD has an ROI of under 2 years, just with fuel savings. They might choose to bill FSD per mile.

    Not sure what motivation they might have to give FSD away in the base price, this is a valuable asset.
  • It's just such a different market and perhaps they want every semi to have FSD. Then again, it could well be a separate cost item, and might even be more than $10K. It's got some additional complexities, including very tricky backups with the trailer.
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