Model S

Tesla App Down

Hi, since yesterday I cannot connect my model S with via the App. I made the usual manipulations but it persists not to work. Anybody else in the same situation ?


  • No problem here. Connected to our model S, our model 3, and to our powerwall / solar - all working.
  • I had that problem when my daughterboard/eMMC was dying. If you use pin to drive I suggest you turn it off in case that’s what’s happening. And then keep an eye on it.
  • App is working for me.
  • Not enough information to troubleshoot your issue. Is your car at home? What are the "usual manipulations"? Are you traveling and the car has been sitting unplugged for a while? If your car has been asleep for a week or longer, you may have to wake it up with the fob before you can connect with the app. That has happened to me only when I was away from home and the car. It was very rare though.
  • After the 2020.44 update was installed in our 2017 S (MCU1/HW3) several weeks ago, the Tesla app (on multiple devices) would only connect for brief periods immediately after the MCU was restarted - and after that would refuse to connect.

    Contacted Tesla phone support several times, and we were unable to fix the issue.

    And now it's working - so Tesla must have done something on their server to fix the issue.
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