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infodivertissement upgrade

I have a 2018 model X, 4G is not available, Netflix, Youtube, and videogames not available too. Tesla says my screen is too old, and ask me to pay around 3000.00 CHF for replacing my screen. When i bought my Tesla, the main argument was: "Your Tesla will always have the same functions as the new models, you will always get the last upddates as all the others models". Anybody feels same as me????


  • In the USA, 4G (LTE) has been available for 4+ years now. I don't know what your standards are or when they switched to 4G in I presume Switzerland. It sounds like a hardware change is required

    Tesla does update software with new features, and cars back in 2012 get these new features IF the hardware supports it. There are also hardware features added to the cars over the years. My first 2013 Tesla didn't have parking sensors. Tesla is not going to go out to every 2012/2013 car and replace the bumpers, install the parking sensors, and add a new wiring harness.

    It appears your car has MCU1, an older computer/display. New cars now come with MCU2, which offers some new features like video and games. These new features need better processors, as MCU1 is just too slow. It was designed in 2010. Consider any 10 year old PC is limited in what it can do today. Most games will not run, and even the OS may not be upgradable anymore.

    So unlike any other carmaker, Tesla has an option to upgrade your MCU1 computer to MCU2. It includes a new computer and both displays, labor, and an updated wiring harness. It's actually quite a bargain. Smaller simpler display/computers in luxury cars often cost around $4-5K just for one part. So if those new features are important to you, you'll need to buy the MCU2 upgrade. If you don't need them, no big deal. You'll still get other new features and updates that can still be made to work on your existing MCU1.
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