Model S

Summon not working from the app

I purchased a 2016 Model S about 6 weeks ago from Tesla. From day one, summon has not worked from the app. Both smart and regular summon will connect to the car then drop connection. Sometimes the car will move a foot or so, but I have not once have it work the way I would expect it to.

Has anyone else experience this and found a fix?


  • Yes. Happens all the time with my 8/17 S100D.
  • My 2020 S has trouble connecting via the app. I contacted service and was told that the app connection was not reliable and often doesn't work. However.....The key fob will least for my 2020. You first have to enable the one push option, rather than constant push, for Summon.
    Then the key fob can be used for Summon. Push on the top of the fob until the back lights blink, then push on either the key fob frunk (to go forward) or the key fob trunk (to reverse).
  • When I use the fob, I can only ever get it to go one direction. Then I have to hold down the "roof" of the fob to turn it off and then hold it down again to reconnect.
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