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Tire rotation, alignment and wheel balancing

Hi forum members, My 2 year old Model 3 has clocked 8,000 miles, all on highways and surface streets in the city. I want to know at what mileage tire rotation, alignment, and wheel balancing are required. Thanks.


  • Manual says: Rotate tires every 6250 miles (10,000 km) or if the difference in tread depth is greater than 2/32", whichever comes first.
    As it happens, in the process of swapping a set of tires at 25,500. First set was Primacy MXM4's. They're supposedly warrantied to 45,000 miles, but, specifically, not for OEM tires. The new ones are supposedly good for 40,000 miles, but have a better treadwear number than the OEMs, which is odd.
    Warranty from Michelin says rotate tires every 7500 miles or the car manufacturer's recommendation, whichever is less.
    As far as wheel balancing and alignment: My personal preference is to not worry about those unless there's vibration (wheel balance) or if the car begins to pull a bit and not go straight down the road, especially after meeting with a curb or some such. YMMV.
    Sounds like if you haven't done a rotation yet, you're overdue.
  • My '18 specified rotation between 8-12k. I would check the tire depth across the tires and that will give you a good indication on the wear pattern and if you need the alignment checked.
  • Stacok, Tesla has since changed the rotation regiment. Back in 2014, it was every 5,000 miles, then they switched it to every 6,250 miles, then they came out with the 10-12,000 miles and then back to the current recommendation of 6,250.
  • I aim for 8-10k and had my alignment done around 65,000 just because. Balanced only when I put new tires on, which has been a few time since mine is just about to turn 100,000 miles.

  • I use all-season tires, so I don't have to take the wheels off twice a year.

    I plan not to do any wheel rotation as long as the thread wear looks good. I will then probably put new rear wheel drives on, while waiting for the front wheels to wear out, unless, of course, all wheels wear out evenly.

    Should I see laterally uneven wear, I will rethink my strategy.
  • "....I plan not to do any wheel rotation as long as the thread wear looks good", that's the approach that Tesla takes.

    Before getting my Model S, I was of the mind set that you rotate tires every 5,000 miles. Then when I got my car, there were a number of times where they didn't do the tire rotation because there was no need. I once went 18,000 miles without the need to rotate. One can simply buy their own tire depth gauge and check the tread depth themselves. It takes all of 5 minutes to do.
  • Do alignment check ant time wear is uneven. $100 for alignment and checks are often free. Rotate 6-10k miles or if front to back is uneven. Costco does free rotations for their tires. Costco has good deal on OEM tires.
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