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New to Solar - App Grid usage not matching PG&E usage

Hi all - I'm new to solar so hoping someone can help me figure out what's going on. Just got my 6.12 kwh system + powerwall installed last week. My issue is the following: The stated 'home' and 'grid' usage in the Tesla app is significantly higher than what I think is reality - reality being what is being reported as my daily usage by PG&E. A few examples:

Thursday - Grid Usage in App: 49.2 kwh, PG&E: 24 kwh
Friday - Grid Usage in App: 61.5 kwh, PG&E: 31 kwh
Saturday - Grid Usage in App: 57.4 kwh, PG&E: 29 kwh
Sunday - Grid Usage in App: 70.7 kwh, PG&E: 35 kwh

As you can see the app is measuring Grid usage as nearly double every day of what PG&E says I'm using. Did something get installed incorrectly? Any help would be much appreciated as I try to figure out how to get this fixed! Thank you


  • Are you sure you're looking at both the "From Grid" *AND* the "To Grid" numbers that the Tesla app reports (scroll to the bottom of the screen)? For example, it may be that you consumed 49.2 kWh from the grid but sent 25.2 kWh back, leaving a net grid use of 24 kWh.
  • As BLD mentions, you need to manipulate the numbers in the app to see what the utility meter sees. Remember that the utility meter doesn't see what your solar produces. It only sees what your solar produces that your home doesn't use directly. What your home uses from the PV doesn't pass through the utility meter. To get a figure that (somewhat) matches the utility meter, you'll need to take the solar production number and *subtract* the home consumption number for that same period. If the result is negative, you'll owe the utility for that amount. If the result is positive, the utility will owe you that amount. It's likely that those amounts will be held by the utility for up to a year, until True-Up.

    Note, that if you're cycling energy into and out of Powerwalls, this calculation can be more challenging, as there's a day (or more) lag between solar production energy going into and energy usage coming out of the 'Walls. It can really muddy the view.
  • Thanks for the responses, guys! No, I'm not sending anything back to the grid yet so I'm not reading the net wrong. Let me give you my most recent day as an example:

    Home Usage: 85.4 kwh
    Solar Energy: 16.3 kwh
    To Powerwall: 13.2 kwh
    From Powerwall: 12.4 kwh
    From Grid: 70.7 kwh
    To Grid: 0.9 kwh

    This adds up in my book (85.4-16.3+13.2-12.4-70.7+0.9=0), if my grid usage was actually 70.7 kwh. It's not - according to PG&E it was 35 kwh.
  • The other thing I'll note is that it seems directionally accurate - just doubled. For example, I use the powerwall from 4-9 pm exclusively, and during that time PG&E shows zero usage. So that matches - yet at the end of the day the tesla app "From Grid" is showing double what the PG&E site shows.
  • This is starting to look like one of your Current Transformers (CTs) is misconfigured, or on the wrong wire.
  • Just got my app working after the install because of a registration error. All three are displaying but the grid usage is showing a crazy high number. I show 48kW coming from the grid to home when it should be maybe 1kw?? I re booted the modem and got believable numbers and then checked it later and right back up to crazy grid numbers. Is there a scaling error? Now my panel output graph re scaled itself to 80kw on the vertical and my once proud rocket ship display looks more like a cow patty. Will this straighten itself out? Tesla tech just left after correcting the registration error.
  • Sounds like a configuration problem. Contact Tesla, they might be able to fix it remotely.
  • Does the solar app not work after the sun sets? Mine has come into line with the displayed values but when the sun set, it all went blank.
  • There is no indication of grid to home values.
  • > @Norcalpal said:
    > Does the solar app not work after the sun sets? Mine has come into line with the displayed values but when the sun set, it all went blank.

    The APP should work 24/7 with or without sun. And it should show grid to home
  • > @Norcalpal said:
    > There is no indication of grid to home values.

    You are missing the PowerBlaster it sounds like
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