Model S

Rear motor disabled (exit & re-enter car - may restore operation).

Hi, I have suddenly seen this issue (Rear motor disabled (exit & re-enter car - may restore operation) this morning in my Model S, P90DL. I am a new Tesla user bought the car in private and its approx 82K miles, any suggestions to fix it or how much will it cost to fix?


  • It might be a minor glitch that will not occur again. Did you try what it suggests? Did the problem go away? If so, I would worry about it.

    As for cost, your car is likely still in warranty, so if there is a problem with the motor, it's still covered!
  • TeslaTap is wright.
  • Should be "I wouldn't worry about it."
  • @Ash007 - haven’t heard back from you if fixed. If not, you may try a reboot by holding down the steering wheel thumb turns. Reboot described in the Owner’s Manual.
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