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I have been advised that I will shortly be asked to configure my Model S. Given the projected timelines that should mean delivery in April or May. I live full time in Manitoba which currently has no incentives for Green vehicles.

Is there a way to take posession in BC or Ontario and take advantage of their incentives?

I have a shared residence in both Ontario and BC.


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    Taking possession isn't the thing: most of those incentives are tax based, so you'd need a way to file your taxes in those provinces (I think).
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    Yes, I think that's what "rules" where the incentive applies. The wording of the act/regulation may have to be consulted in each province.
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    In Quebec, the rebate is not a taxe refund but price discount. however the vehicle has to have immatriculation from Quebec. good luck
  • Are there Dominion-wide incentives for green cars in Canada? or just by province?

    Do not live there but just curious.

    When I used to live in NY used to drive up Montreal, Toronto and the Maritimes in summers. So beautiful up there and pleasant people too... would be a real EV challenge to drive up there though, long distances with few or no people, few charging stations, low temperatures depleting the batteries.

    Imagine trying to drive a Model S to Labrador or James Bay...
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    Check out
    They are currently on a cross country tour promoting their charging network.
    There are also threads about it on TMC under Canada
  • Connects to Tesla's Supercharger network at Vancouver and Montreal and it is FREE... Very nice... Electric North America!
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    I am doing something very similar. I am living in the US on a visa but buying the car in Canada. I have checked into doing this in several provinces. Alberta has the advantage of no provincial sales tax. Ontario has the 8500 dollar rebate that is not dependent on income taxes.

    I ended up selecting Ontario because it is closer to where I live. In Ontario you need proof of insurance to purchase a car. Specifically the ministry wants to see the little pink insurance card printed by Ontario insurers. The Ontario government relies upon an insurance database supplied by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. This stopped me from using insurance from the US, even if it was from a company like State Farm that operates in both countries.

    The insurance companies do not have any legal requirement that you need an Ontario license, but for risk management they will insist upon it.

    So if you want to purchase in a different province you will need an address in that province, a provincial driver's license with that address on it and a local auto insurance policy. If you have all three of those you can purchase and register the car.

    The final requirement if you go for the Ontario Government's rebate is that the car has to bear Ontario registration and an Ontario license plate for the first year. If you break that requirement you have to give the rebate back.
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