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Has anyone here bought their auto insurance from Tesla?

I own a 2016 Model X and don't like what I pay with Farmers. The premiums from "Tesla Insurance Services" looks much better from what I see on the site (where it can be purchased online) but I wanted to hear from others here who have bought it. I'm surprised that my searches across the forums are showing so few threads on this topic (1 or 2 across all models?) except for the ads from other companies and threads created by Tesla. Can somebody who has bought a policy or who knows of other's experiences with this service provide any information?


  • We have our 2019 Model S Raven insured with Tesla. Their rate was better than Auto Club (which has my home and other two cars). Haven't needed any interaction yet (thank goodness).
  • Thanks Hetz. It's helpful to know someone has actually bought their insurance. It seems odd I cannot find any other posts on this from customers.
  • Lack of responses might be due to the difficulty in getting insurance. I've been trying for weeks, to no avail, to contact them. There is no option on the phone number to speak to a person, or get to an area to sign up for insurance. The website for getting a quote has been down for months... so I'm stuck using my current policy elsewhere, as are many others
  • Yes same coverage !
    cheaper than farmers
  • I hate to throw cold water on the content of those posts in response to the OP . . . but, the info offered is truly of little value. In order to make an apples2apples comparison in auto insurance costs one person is receiving versus another . . . one has to have more information relative to variables like: what state a person is located in . . . how many miles they drive per year . . . limits of coverage . . . deductible amounts . . . coverages they have or have declined . . . number of driving violations on their records the past three years . . . number of chargeable accidents on their records the past five years . . . credit score . . . whether or not their auto coverage is bundled with homeowners & umbrella policies, multi-car discounts, on and on and on. It is my understanding that Tesla auto insurance is NOT Tesla, but offered by a business partner. @ goehring9 also makes an interesting comment about being unable to contact Tesla's insurance partner for a quote due to lack of a phone number and a nonoperational website. If they are lacking accessibility when they're trying to sell you something . . . where will they be when you need them because you're in a jam. My $.02 and likely worth as much.
  • I purchased insurance for my X from Tesla about 6 months ago. It was significantly cheaper than my existing State Farm policy for the same coverage. I haven't had to make a claim yet so can't comment on their service/responsiveness. It was relatively easy to sign up on the Tesla site and there was a range of menu options so "you only pay for what you need" :-). Keep in mind though that Tesla has the capability to monitor your driving habits. I'm not sure if they are currently using this data in calculating premiums.
  • I have bought it for my cars through tesla, cheaper than farmers and charges monthly. Had one incident where I got rear ended so opened a case just as a backup with tesla in case the other party refuses to pay. They other party came through and I closed the case. The agents were helpful but what I did not like was what they said that if I pursue the case through tesla insurance my rates would go up even if the other party reimbursed back to tesla insurance. So I decided to directly work with the insurance company of the other party at fault. For now I am holding on to my tesla insurance but I am worried if someone else who does not have insurance hits my car (that has happened to my ice car in past) I would pay higher rates.

    Summary - good insurance for lower price but be prepared to work on your claims if you are not at fault.
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