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Hello, drove so far 202.8 miles and used 61 kWh. Average speed 70 and temps low 40s. NoA IS GREAT and it drove itself most of the way. Got to love TESLA. Side note: people are pigs, supercharger has tons of trash left behind by a holes.
Will update on the next stop.


  • Lots of FL SCs are at the Wawa. Don’t assume the trash is necessarily from Tesla owners.

    Watch out for these guys. It’s in Florida.
  • I’ve never seen a Tesla owner at a supercharger throw food or garbage on the ground before leaving.

    It might just be random people throwing shit after a WaWa commando fight
  • Second stop both not Wawa. This on is better no visible trash probably bc it is right next to Whole foods market. Very nice place. Fellow M3 owner charging next to us. Autopilot kicked me for speeding :( So much pain to drive without AP.
  • Having visited several thousand SCs, yes there’s occasional trash, but it’s not the norm. I’ve found just as many forgotten dog bowls, so it’s not always malicious I imagine.
  • Wawa at Clearwater is a hot mess. Iced half of the stalls.
  • We r going to hang out around Saint P for few hours and hit Naples in the evening.
  • So far 514 miles 153 kWh and average efficiency is 298.
  • Finally saw colder weather effect on the efficiency.
  • In Florida?! How so? Are you running the heat? Looks to be summery today in St Petes.
    General parking is usually allowed, so it’s not iced unless an employee is parked there, which I’ve not seen in awhile.
  • @Bighorn, For the last week or so the mornings in Central FL have been in the low 50s. We went to Jacksonville last week and going through Ocala National Forest it was in the mid 40s.

    The only thing we used was the seat heater for my wife and set the HVAC on auto at 68. I didn't really see a hit on efficiency. I do that same roughly 400 mile round trip every few months and usually average around 222 wh/mi. This trip is was 224.

    @WW_icefree, If you go through Jacksonville and use the SC off of 202 at the WaWa the rates change for off peak and on peak. If you can hit it off peak it's $0.14. On peak is $0.34. Pull it up on the navigator, and it gives the hours for each rate.
  • @gmr6415
    You’ll see the limited regen, but no real efficiency hits, as you note.
  • The stretch between Sarasota and Fort Myers is a bit of a dead zone for charging options.

    OTOH the SC in Gainesville is one of the best for restaurant choices. Right on the edge of UF so probably 30 places to eat within easy walking distance.
  • Oh yeah, and the SC in Ocala is one of the worst. Lake City not much better. Definitely stop in Gainesville.
  • @Big_Ed, Yeah, sitting in that Mall parking lot in Ocala doesn't give you much of a choice. We usually pick up something to eat between the exit and the SC then eat while charging.

    I've never been to the one in Gainesville just because the traffic is so bad on 75 through there. We try to keep moving in that area.

    We don't mind Lake City. There are quite a few options, you've just go to walk a little farther and in many cases cross the main road. The Chili's there is usually too slow. I had one time when it took so long to order that the car was sending me notices of almost being charged right after we ordered. I bumped the limit up to 90% using the app, but still ended up having to go out and move away from the SC.
  • I loved Gainesville having the Whole Foods there, and Lake City is fine for me (I like Moes, and most of them by us have closed, so it's nice that it's right there). Ocala is not my favorite most of the time. Too close for the trip home and too late for the trip down to make it a meal stop, and the quick options aren't convenient there to just grab a coffee or make a bathroom stop. I'm not sure why, coming from Tifton, my car *never* suggests Gainseville on the way to Orlando, even when we have plenty of range to bypass LC and make it there. I wonder how Valdosta will change that, since that just came online recently.
  • I picked up a nail last night on my way to Georgia and had to stop in Gainesville. Nobody seems to have 20” tires here and patching/plugging is not an option. The Supercharger station here is still pretty new, ~2 years. There is also a level 2 at the Fairfield inn across the street and some EV chargers on UF campus. Ocala seems to be a little off the main route but there is Panera and some other food venue.
    FPL installed a bunch of EV fast chargers on Florida Turnpike next to Tesla supers, 30 cents per kWh. Pretty exciting to see some competition.
  • Plugging is almost always a stop gap option for penetrating objects.
  • @Bighorn when we left our house and pretty much all the way to Florida temps were 38-45. We left GA 4am.
  • I ran heater on and off at 68.
  • In that case, cabin heat would have affected your efficiency. Absent that, the baseline efficiency was likely unaffected.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Plugging is almost always a stop gap option for penetrating objects.

    Turns out it’s three nails; nobody can plug it. 🤷‍♀️ Will try to get to a service center somewhere.
  • We spent a night in Saint P. Really nice city.
  • Nobody WILL plug it. But anyone who plugs their own tires likely could and would plug it in order to get back on the road while sourcing a replacement tire. Always carry a kit.
  • Yep, used my Tesla kit to inflate the tire a few times to get to the nearest service center. Back on the road $430 lighter. Would be cheaper to fly, but then I would not have this experience. 😉
    Did I mention super chargers on FL turnpike are still free.
  • Compressor and plug kit.
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