What happened to GWP

Back when I bought my S they gave us a gift bag with 2 Tesla mugs, a Tesla pen a Tesla umbrella and a hat.

Certainly not a big deal but it was a small way for Tesla to say thanks for the business.

I bought a Y this time, perhaps you only get a gift if you spend over 80k.


  • I got a fob protector for getting my S in 2017.
  • Perhaps getting rid of the gift bag is one reason Tesla lowered the price of many of its cars? I guess you could ask to pay an extra $1000, and I'm sure they would find some gifts to toss into the deal.

    I also got the fob protector for my S in 2016! Not sure I got anything extra with my S in 2013, but did get a cool remote control roadster for having a reservation in 2009.
  • The price of the car doesn't matter. I got some swag with my first Model S in 2016, but nothing with my second one in 2018, even though the second one was more expensive.
  • I got a car that I could drive home in. I was pretty happy with that.
  • No gift with my model y,

    but I saved a ton of money on my car insurance with gieco...🤪
  • Go to Walmart or Target, look for Tesla Hot Wheels. Buy for $0.99 (saved from your gas money). Be happy!
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