X or Y?

Hi, I have had an S for a few years now (love it!), and it's our only car, we're a married couple, and are considering going larger with the X or Y.

Correct me if I'm wrong please, but it seems like the Y is really not much bigger than the S?

The X seems like the best choice for us, but since we are only two people, seems like having six or seven seats is overkill...

We like to kayak and travel, so larger would be better, so if anyone cares to advise, please feel free.

Apologies, I have not yet driven in an X. Hoping to do so soon.



  • I’ve only had an X as a loaner once, used to have an S and now have a Y.

    The Y is both bigger and smaller than the S somehow. The storage # is like 68 cubic feet vs 28 or 30. Which is substantial. Plenty of room, some of it is height though.

    Where it is smaller is front to back. Feels a little easier to stick in a parking spot right the first time. In the garage I can walk around the front (tight) or back where as the S was touching the wall with the nose.

    I believe the X is up even higher than the Y as well as more clearance. The X has something like 88CF which is another 1/3 over the Y. Again, how that area is arranged matters to you. I believe putting things inside instead of on top of the car is much better for keeping decent range numbers but a Kayak ain’t gonna fit in either!

    The X will be much more familiar, and a new one will have that adaptive air suspension which is very nice. An empty Y can feel a little spring-y.

    I think you really gotta test drive both or at least experience them in 3D. your point about the Y only being a little bigger than the S is a good one, an X is a LOT bigger. The X has those falcon wind doors that need a tall garage door opener to open fully in a garage as well.
  • I’ve owned an s and now a y. I had an X as a loaner and it felt too large for me, however it also felt more substantial than the Y. What I like about the Y is that it’s great for zipping around town. We took the Y on a 600 mile trip and it was great however... the S and the X both had a more refined ride ( softer, less bounce). I believe the range of the Y is greater as well.

    I miss the S but for a 30-40k price difference I feel the Y makes more sense
  • A lot depends on why the MS is too small for you. The biggest functionality differences are the MX has falcon wing doors which are great for kids and car seats, but cannot use roof racks. While the MY can accommodate roof racks.
  • As long as you already have the Model S, why not wait a bit and get the CT? Plenty of room for kayaks. :-)
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  • Not sure either the X or Y will get you much more space for stuff, which is what you're looking for. Are there specific things you travel with that don't fit in your S? The S can hold a lot of stuff, especially if you can put the rear seat down, which you can since it's just 2 of you.
  • I have owned both an S and an X, but currently drive a Model 3. I have test driven the Y. Plusses for the MX - 1. more refined ride, 2. slightly larger than Y. 3. Interior is more upscale. 4. Extra large/high windshield gives a larger view. Downsides of the MX: 1. Falcon Wing Doors - are slow to open. And when in a garage they usually cant open all the way. When they are partially open the sharp edge of the door can be at head level and it is all to easy to bump into it with your head! 2. Extra large windshield lets in too much sun and you can feel blinded all too easy. 3. Drivers visor does not work well when you move it to driver door window since it doesnt block the top part of that window. (at least my 2017 MX was like this).
  • Looks like the X has a significantly larger battery, which translates to a longer range. But the Y is more efficient so it can supercharge more quickly. I recall pulling into superchargers with my 3 seeing model Xs there charging up ... and I’d invariably be finished and leaving before they did.
  • > @bassbone1_98264787 said:
    > It sounds like you just want a new car so the Y should do the trick, the X like you say is probably overkill and you won't be utilizing the falcon doors (kids etc.) so why pay for them. Either way if you happen to need a referral code enjoy!

    >I read an owner or her kids forgot to close 1 side of the falcon door and drove slowly into the garage as there's probably not much warning, oops, it's an expensive dent and alignment of the door . Somehow the X looks tall to me compared to the Y and I traded the 3 to the Y
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