Model 3

Sentry and Lighting Q’s

I’m taking delivery any day and have one remaining question as it relates to Sentry Mode. If motion is detected within a certain proximity and recording begins, does this mean the storage device will continuously fill up with brief clips of the driver (myself) approaching the car? Or, does the vehicle sense the phone/key and disable sentry at a near enough distance to not record “friendly” threats?
Speaking of proximity, can anyone share details on approach lighting at night? I know there are “walk away” lights. But what if you have your phone in your pocket and approach the vehicle in a dark parking lot? I’m used to carrying a fob around where I’d click to unlock the car from 50 feet away and then it would illuminate making it easier to see. What is the distance at which the car recognizes the phone/key and unlocks and do the headlights turn on? Thanks.


  • Sentry will pick you up. There are rumors of version 11 fixing this and having the ability to adjust sentry sensitivity.

    I am not certain but I do not think there is approach lighting, probably to keep your car from lighting up while you take out the garbage. Grin
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