Model X

Broken accelerator pedal

I have a 2017 Model X P100d with 40,000 km (about 25,000m) and while on a road trip, while attempting to overtake a truck, my accelerator pedal snapped off. I quickly indicated and pulled over to the roadside.
The pedal is made of plastic and had snapped at a point which I think is a designed weak point for crash safety purposes. Fortunately there was a small stub of plastic remaining which enabled me to accelerate forward slowly and limp to the nearest town.
Tesla roadside assist offered to arrange a tow truck to the nearest service centre, about 250m away. However, a replacement part would not be available for a couple of weeks, so I managed to find a local engineering shop that removed the accelerator pedal unit, reattached the pedal using metal plates, bolts,epoxy etc, and declared it "stronger than the original". This enabled the completion of my road trip.
The new accelerator unit is now available to be fitted by Tesla. But so far there has been no mention of warranty. A quick Google search shows that this has happened before with model X and S, but very rarely and not recently.

Should this be covered under warranty ( I still have 1 year remaining for the new car warranty)? And should Tesla pay for the temporary repair ($200), which I'm sure was much cheaper than a tow truck for 250 miles.

And finally, is this a safety hazard that should be reported to authorities?


  • Sorry to hear about your problem. On warranty - yes. Paying for a temporary repair, very unlikely but ask. It seems like a one-off issue and very rare.
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