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Battery degradation

I bought my model 3 with 240 miles Standard Range Plus 2019.
I have only once used super charger not sure if it was a super charger but it took 40 min to charge close to 70 miles so i don't think it was a super charger. I normally charge at home at 22 miles an hour and I only charge to 60% most of the times. I leave the charger plugged in everyday. My car only has 7,428 miles, the battery has degraded 6 miles I can only charge to 234 miles, is this good or bad? I see now that a new M3 with 353 miles only cost a little over 42,000 i paid way more than that in 2019 for my M3. If i wanted to put in a 353 miles battery in my M3 it would cost an arm and a leg. That's too bad I hope battery prices come down drastically within the next 5 years.


  • Here we go again.
  • Please use the search feature as the topic of degradation has been beat to death. Bottom line, there’s nothing wrong with your car.

    Just swapping the batteries won’t get you the 353 mile rated range. There are other hardware differences. You would just need to trade in your car for a 2021 model.
  • The range estimation changes depending on the temperature. Also, if your battery is always in the middle range (say, 30-70%), the range estimation tends to start underestimating the amount of charge in the battery. Let your battery discharge to around 10% and then charge to 90%, discharge to around 10%, then charge to 100%. That should reset the estimator, and show a more accurate range estimate. Once again, this number will change depending on temperature. Based on a lot of data from Model S owners, we do expect the batteries to degrade by perhaps 5% by 50,000 miles, but degradation should slow down greatly after that.

    I run an app on my phone called "Stats", that keeps track of estimated range after every charging session. If you charge to 60%, it'll estimate the estimated range at full charge. After collecting two years of data, my estimated range has varied from 320 miles to about 285 miles. It goes up and down for no apparent reason. I stopped worrying about it.

    Best advice is to set the battery display to percentage rather than miles, and be happy.
  • There is a great explanation of what's going on here.
  • > @"Marino Model 3" said: My car only has 7,428 miles, the battery has degraded 6 miles I can only charge to 234 miles, is this good or bad? "

    Too answer the question, sounds about right after 1-2 years.

    You can see you battery degradation better via some tools.

    StatsApp for Tesla, an IOS app, has a graphic to show your battery degradation and a companion app Battery Health that will show your car's battery degradation compared to other Model's 3's, which answers your actual question. also shows battery degradation graphics and numbers.

    100's of thousands use these apps and they've proven reliable and accurate. I mention this as you will hear some chuffing from the local fanbois about them but EV users and media are solid on them.

    To the other question of changing the battery. Just not economical. Use the car until it no longer works for you and then get a new EV. There will be a lot of great EV's coming to market in 2021 and 2022.
  • OP, you need to try rebalancing your pack, as Frank99 suggested.

    You need to think of your battery pack as if it were a rubber band that you know will stretch to point “x”, but over time because you only keep stretching it to 60%, you start forgetting just how far it can really stretch to. The “you” is the algorithms used to come up with the displayed rated miles.

    Also, another factor is every battery pack “breaks in” different. It is very much like the old days with ICEs. For the first several thousand miles, the piston rings bed in. Once the engine is “broken in”, then the oil usage (burning) and mpg settle in. Not every engine has the same oil usage rate or exact same MPG, even if it is the same, say, Honda engine.

    So you could have a neighbor with the same exact car, and have slightly different numbers than you.

    Just to also add to what Frank99 said about loss %. I have 184,000 miles on my 2014 MS and I only have 8% loss.
  • Tesla advise against use of 3rd party apps.
    FishEV is anti Tesla hater and troll that hunts this forums since 2016.
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