Model S

Question regarding newly ordered MS

I ordered a model S on 11/19/20 and I have not yet received VIN #. Will I get a 2020 or 2021 model if the car were to be delivered in late December? Any quality issues to be aware of? Thanks in advance for any and all responses.


  • Tesla doesn't really have "model years" - they constantly change/update things.

    The S is pretty solid (I liked my 2013 one so much I bought a second with the FSD options).

    The biggest issue I can think of is the SSD chip which "wears out" in the earlier models - they're much larger now, so they'll last longer, but it should still not log as much crap.

    The best thing about a Tesla (any of them) is that the car you bought won't be as good as the car you'll have next year - it'll be better, with more features and capabilities, due to the over the air software updates.

    NOBODY else upgrades cars for free.
  • I think Tesla has already switched to 2021 VIN’s, so that’s probably what you’ll get. Although model years don’t have any significance in terms of car features, the are meaningful to the DMV, insurance companies, and future buyers.
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