Charging mileage expires

As per new policy Tesla is now awarding only 1000 miles charging for referrals with expiry for 6 months
Earlier it was 2000 miles without expiry . But Tesla forcefully expires to those who got earlier 2000 miles and not used in 6 months which is wrong.
Earlier batch who bought Tesla with unlimited free charging , but later batch did not get the free charging so did Tesla removed the free unlimited charging to that first batch ? NO they did not

So my question if Tesla issued new policy for expiration then previously ones should not be affected

I am protesting and anyone who wants to raise his or her voice please join


  • I would pay the $38 value that is equivalent to 1000 miles of supercharging just to remove these whiny threads.
  • Sorry, but you are mistaken. The expiration has always been 6 months unless one got a free unlimited promo. Tesla has never imposed a time limit retroactively.
  • Unlimited free charging was built into the purchase price of my 2014 and 2016 Model S. It really isn’t “free”.
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