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So... I purchased the 240v adapter for my Model 3 mobile charger that came with the car when I bought it. Is it ok to leave it plugged overnight everyday? I read in Tesla website that it is better to leave it charged with low voltage. Is 240v considered low? Are they saying low voltage compared with Supercharger?


  • Just leave it plugged into the 240v
  • 240V charging is considered low-voltage charging. The fast DC chargers (like superchargers) are what the comparison is being made to. There are various camps of thought on whether to charge every night or not (many threads if you do a search). I believe the manual says to charge every night up to 80% (or so), but there are those who say that long-term battery performance is better if you wait until your battery is down to 40% (say) before charging. I don't do a whole lot of driving on a daily basis, so I don't plug in every night (I generally charge to 75% and then run down to 40%).
  • Short charging cycles cause less stress on the battery. Hence the reason the manual states to leave the car plugged in. Short charging cycles can lead to miscalibration of the battery meter range, which is sometimes mistaken for degradation. Miscalibration does not affect actual range.

    For best battery health, leave the car plugged in, just like the manual says.
  • For the aforementioned miscalibration by stingray, to mitigate that periodically run the battery pack down to 10% and then charger back up to 90%. This is called rebalancing the park. If you only use up 15% of range on a routine basis, then the algorithms only “see” the 15% usage to then come up with an estimate to display as rated miles.

    Think of your battery as if it were a rubber band that you only stretch to point “x”. Over time you forget just how far the rubber band can really be stretched.
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