Model S

Battery Coolant Heater DIY attempt... advice?

Was headed 3.5 hours to VAFB for the SpaceX launch Saturday around 6:45am Saturday when the warnings popped up causing the car to lose power. Had it towed to the nearest Tesla service center, and without verifying at this point it seems to be the battery coolant heater. It’s not a difficult repair, actually, and the part is available for under $100 on eBay, making this $1000 dealer cost absurd. I’m planning on having them park my car in their front lot and when they’re closed on Saturday I’m going to do the work. Any tips or concerns with doing this in a flat parking lot space?


  • I can't imagine them going along with that. Liability. Spilled fluids.
  • I had mine replaced $750 parts and labor..
  • There’s only what, 27 quarts of coolant? I doubt they’ll let you shade tree wrench in the parking lot.
  • It doesn't sound like he's seeking approval from Tesla to perform the repairs in their lot.

    Hats off to you good sir and I wish you luck.
  • What if something goes wrong, and they decide not to honor the HV pack warranty?

    Did you spring for the service manual? What makes you think replacing the heater and purging the coolant is easy?
  • I’m sure they don’t have security cameras. /s
  • Let's not forget that service isn't a profit center. /s
  • Purging the coolant lines of air requires the Tesla test software. Leave air in the loop and it could cause a battery overheat (or fire). The warranty will not cover that failure.
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