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Rear tire worn 10x faster than front tire on my 2018 dual motor Model 3

I own two 2018 dual motor Model 3. One of them the Rear tire worn 10x faster than front tire and the other one worn about 2x faster. Both car use same brand tires and rear tires worn evenly. Switched car often and drove at same style. Not sure the reason. Service technician looked at it and suggested no alignment is required. My current tires are Pirelli CINTURATO P7™ ALL SEASON PLUS, rated 70K miles. The rear tire had worn down to 5/32 in around 5000miles. The front tire still maintain at 10/32. Is anyone has the same issues and the cause suggested?


  • Wild guess: alignment.
  • Yeah, all 4 tires should wear fairly evenly with the dual motor. Rear tires wear out faster than the fronts on the RWD variant due to weight distribution. Sounds like an alignment issue.
  • Rears wear quicker on my P3D. Not quite so unevenly as my RWD P85+, but I see a 2 mm difference on the AWD 3 at around 15k miles.
    A major rear to front difference with even wear across the tread is from aggressive acceleration.
  • @Bighorn +1

    Heavy foot eats rear tires on AWD very quickly. For my next set I am going to try the opinion suggested in other threads to get it rolling a few mph before stomping.
  • Yes roll out to 5/10 mph before dropping the lead.
  • The markedly uneven wear between one side and the other on his rear tires suggests more than just spirited launches.
  • @rxlawdude
    Where’d he say that?
  • $100 for an alignment and many tire shops will measure alignment for free. Costco doesn’t do alignment. Bad alignment will eat tires.
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