NEW 2021 TESLA MODEL S - Will it have 4680 Battery ?

Hello friends,
I'm considering securing a new 2020 Model S currently made & located at a Tesla store.
It's slightly less money than ordering a new 2021 Model S option with no delays.
My question is are the batteries in the 2020 New Model S the same as a NEW 2021 factory build or does the NEW 2021 Model S Factory build have the 4680 Batteries installed ?


  • The Model S still uses the original 1865 (aka 18650) batteries. To use the 4680’s would require structural changes to the car.
  • The 4680 battery is not yet in production. They are still designing the production facility, a task far more complex than designing the battery. Plans are for production in late 2021 and the first cells will go into the Cybertruck and perhaps the Model S Plaid. I wouldn't expect the 4680s to appear in the other Model S variants until mid-2022 or later, but Tesla doesn't tell me their exact plans :)
  • Excellent updates , many thanks to both replies.
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