Model S

Range degradation?

My (75 kWh MS 2017, December 2016 build) only gets around 236 miles on a 100% charge. And gets around 208 miles on a 90% charge.
The car only has 28,659 miles on it.

Is this normal?


  • Well it beats mine. Mine is a 2017 September build (newer than yours, mine came with HW 2.5). I would get 219 at 90% when new. I get 205 at 90% now. I've done those recommended "recalibration charges" with no change. There was another thread about a month back with other folks with the 2017 S and similar numbers.
  • I have 2017 75d with 78k miles. i get 214 @90% 237 @100%..i am not complaining now.
  • The answer is, read the hundreds of other threads on this same exact subject.
  • easier I guess for some to create a new thread with Range in the title, .

    easier yet, is go here:

    will answer related questions as well!
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