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Hawaii Tesla Model 3 - no Tesla super chargers

I live in Hawaii in a condo with no charging capability and I’m thinking about buying a model 3. There are no Tesla supercharger‘s on Oahu. There are three chargers I believe that are level three that are for 50 kWh per hour .49-.61 cents per kilwatt hour. This is just fine for me but there are now many EVs on Oahu. Electronic vehicles are starting to pile up at the faster chargers. I can charge for free with a level two charger (22 miles per hour) located at Ala Moana Mall, But I can only stay at the charger for a maximum of two hours a day.

Is there anyone from HAWAII and particular Oahu Island that can tell me their experience? Advance many thanks.


  • Ask your condo board to consider installing nema 14-50 chargers.
  • Aloha!
    You can connect with your local Tesla folks here:
  • I just went to Oahu a few weeks ago, and other than CA, I saw the most Teslas ever. Lots of them driving around. I am surprised Tesla has not installed a supercharger yet. I assume most charge at home, but still they should add a supercharger.
  • In Hawaii they ought to get those volcanoes to generate some electricity for chargers. Shouldn't let that volcanic energy go to waste.
  • Model V
  • I’m in Alaska but my work takes me to HI 3-5 times a year (well prior to COVID). It’s only 40 miles from one side of the island to the other, so No need for SC on island. You can drive all the way around Oahu 3-5 times on a full charge and there is destination charging all over the place.

    And yes Tesla’s are everywhere on Oahu and the big island.
  • Agree with coleAK.

    You can always do Level 1 charging with a regular 110/120v outlet which I'm sure your condo has plenty of.
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