Fiscal Cliff

If congress and the president can't get their act together, will we lose the $7500 rebate?


  • I hope not! It is one of the few good things the federal government has done in recent years!

    What is the opposite of progress? : Congress!

    They could reduce the cost of the programme by aiming it at cars made in the US - at a minimum to qualify for the rebate the car should be assembled in the USA and be made from at least 50% US sourced components. Tesla and Chevy Volts will still qualify, if Nissan, Toyota or Fiskar wants to do the right thing and move their operations to the US then they can have the subsidy too. Otherwise we do not need to support Finnish or Japanese autoworkers, the good workers here need it more!
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    Nissan LEAFs and their batteries will be made in Tennessee starting in 2013
  • Never been against foreign car makers, I drive a Mercedes now and even tried two Nissan (240SX and 300ZX) years ago because for a while, their styling got very good but found the durability to be very poor - specifically the ICE. If the Leaf is made here in the US have no problems encouraging it, but to my eyes it is an ugly duckling and I would never choose to even rent one. The doors are so thin I do not feel safe even riding in it. The Plug in Prius is slightly safer but looks like a obese guppy rather than a car and they do not even assemble it in the US! They sell enough of them here to make it cost effective to build here but assemble them in Japan, Thailand, and communist China instead! No need to be subsidising that!

    The Chevy Volt is a basically good car, feels safe to drive and shows the one of the big three is starting to 'get it' with out losing their soul, it is still a Chevy, but missing that wow factor. I have not driven a C-max but the styling leaves a lot to be desired... Make an electric Camaro or Mustang already!

    Fiskar looks cool but reliablity and value for the money is an issue.

    Well basically Tesla wins hands down, they just have to get them out there.

    Generally I am against big government and subsidies, but there is a clear and present danger to the US, UK and the western world by dependence on imported oil and I can see a rational in helping companies to build cars like Model S and the Volt here in the US. But honestly find it outrageous that the US government is aiding companies that intentionally do not hire US workers. If you are going to use a subsidy, aim it carefully to do the most good.
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    Worry not about imported oil. Google 'tight oil frac' and read all about it. It's light sweet oil (low sulfur) and the new US reserves equal the Rest Of The World combined. The US is doomed to be an Oil Empire for centuries.

    Domestic oil already exceeds imported, and is rising fast. BTW, the main 'import' source is Canada. The Middle East counts for about 10-15%, and falling.
  • No doubt oil is NOT going away... We need it for plastics, lubricants and road building. But makes sense to gradually reduce the amount burnt for electricity and transport - Tesla, Solar City and increased utilisation of wind power is part of that solution. Agreed with Pickens and even Obama on this one... Clean domestic energy made ever more economical through economy of scale thus creating more quality american jobs. If Republicans were smart and ever want to come to power again they would pick up this idea and restore america to a great power again. The success of Tesla, Solar City, GE Wind and others exporting to the world could be the key to balancing the trade deficit in a way that is eco-friendly yet non destructive to the economy like cap and trade and other mandates.
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