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Charging Rates

We have a 2017 Model S and are thinking about replacing it with a new one. Based on what I can find out online, the current Model S (Long Range) will take advantage of the new 250KW chargers but only briefly because of limits inherent in the car battery pack and related systems. So you get the 250KW for a brief period in the bottom to middle of the range. End result is a modest (maybe 20%) improvement in charging speed over a 150KW charger depending on the range of the charge. Now that we have the fast superchargers and a lot more locations, the charging issues come down to charging rate limits inherent in the car systems. Does anyone have any insight into whether any of the new developments that Tesla described at Battery Day will do anything to improve the charge rate over what the current Model S will do? I can speculate as well as anyone so I don't need pure guesswork but if anyone has any actual insight, I would love to hear it.


  • No, the advancements announced during Battery Day have nothing to do with improved charging for the current generation battery packs. Everything from Battery day centered around the 4680s and these batteries are not going into the current generation of the Model S, they wouldn’t fit.

    As for the 250 kw chargers only available for brief periods, that is no different than ANY DC fast charger. Meaning, if you plug into a charger rated at 150 kw, that 150 is not a constant 150 through out charging.
  • Agree with all of the above and possibly I didn't phrase my question well. What I am wondering is whether, once the new generation of battery packs is available on future Model Ss they will be able to take better advantage of 250KW or greater charging capability by being able to absorb that much power through a larger percentage of the charging range. In other words, if I wait a couple of years to replace my current Model S, will I be likely to get one that will charge faster than the one I could buy today?
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