Model S

Charging speed 75kW 03/2017 Model S

Love the car. Came to terms with reduced battery capacity full charge to 232 mi now. Want to get some feedback on Charging speed at super chargers. It charges at avg 3.0 mi per minute starting at 30 mi (15%) and drops to 2 mi per minute at around 170 mi. Doesn’t matter which supercharger including new V3. Is this the best others get? Not able to do bay area to LA day trips as it adds min 4 hours of charging time to 10 hrs drive time. Falling back to ICE. Car is 75 kw Mar 2017 MS with 72 amp charger. Supercharging maybe once a month. Home charging to 80%. 50k miles. Thx in advance.


  • My Supercharger Superguide may be helpful:

    It explains how tapering works and how to look for the fastest stall at a Supercharger location.

    Most of us think more about kWh than miles/minute. The 72 amp charger is for AC, and is not used at Superchargers. At low states of charge, say 20%, I'd expect in your S75, you should see around 115 kWh charge rate, and then it will taper off as the SOC increases.
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