Model 3

Schedule home charging at off peak time

I would like to have the function to schedule my home charging time to, for example, 1 am at night to take the advantage of the off-peak power rate.


  • Functionality already exists. See scheduled departure time in the owner’s manual.
  • You can schedule your car to start charging a certain time. You cannot, however, schedule your car to stop charging at certain time. Just make sure you set the charging percentage to a level that will stop before your off peak rate ends in the morning
  • Using the scheduled departure feature will result in charging to complete at 6 AM specifically to take advantage of off peak rates. It’s all in the owner’s manual.
  • I set mine to start charging at 3am. It's always done by the time I want to leave after 6am.
  • If you have a powerwall without solar panels can you have it charge at non peak hours using power from your power company and then have your appliances run off of the powerwall during peak hours?

    HOA said I can't get a solar roof I don't want panels since I have a tile roof that cracks easily and don't want loose tiles falling and breaking panels during a hurricane.

    I figure a powerwall or two would cost about the same as a propane based whole house generator in the event of power failure. It might not give enough power for more than a day or two, but that's enough time to get out of town and go to a place that has power.
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