Model 3

Charging equipment error a057

I have recently started getting issues charging. This time I finally was able to check it car and charging cord both were red (flashing I think). This is my original charging cord and my home charger (with a dryer plug charges at 31mph). On screen in car it said "Charing Equipment reports error" CP_a057 above that. Recently my power went out from a tree over my above ground line from my house to the street it was ABOUT that time I started getting this issue - maybe. Most times opening the app starts it again before I can even get in the car to see the error. I unplugged cord from car and wall and plugged both back in and it charged fine.



  • When it happened screen in car said "Charging stopped" and when I clicked on that I got the error above.
  • In the car's charging menu, if you reduce the amps to 24, will it then charge fine?
  • So I have a new Y and the old 3 and started to get charging errors on the Y

    I posted on TMC and seems some others 3 and Y are having various charging issues since the last upgrade. You will find a few other post here too.

    So may be more software and not your car or charger.
  • I got the red led on the car and the UMC charger yesterday. I unplugged the adapter from the UMC and plugged in back in. Been fine since.
  • I have not had issues since I unplugged both ends and plugged back in - but I have only charged twice. Next time it happens I will reduce to 24 and test it.
  • Got to notifications and you can see historical notifications.
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