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I am getting ready to order my first EV. I dont have a store in the city I live due to some strange rules of the state where the mfg cannot sell the car. I will drive about 100 miles to another location and get to the store. I am considering between model 3 and model Y. Had read a bit on the internet and some youtube videos. Feeling excited but at the same time nervous at the same time. Looks to be a very high value vehicle but cannot compare with any luxury brands in the market. Would like all the suggestions to help me with a good decision.


  • Hey there! I just took delivery of my model Y and my first impressions are that the car was put together well, but not to the same standards as say Lexus. Although, I also recently leased a 2020 Acura MDX, and the fit and finish of that car is on par to Tesla, again, not at Lexus level...but close.

    In terms of driving the car - it’s the best. It makes normal cars look like historic relics. After having the car for a couple of days, I can’t imagine why anyone would own or drive anything that is a traditional vehicle - unless it’s purpose built like a truck (or a Corvette), or if they live in a particularly remote are with inadequate EV infrastructure.
  • Do it. I have a Lexus and an Infiniti. Each have had their share of fit/finish issues. Leaking sunroofs. Nav that doesn't work. Misaligned doors. Missing trim. Shakes and rattles. The comparisons are a bit misguided. You have to want an EV. Don't worry about the comparisons. Just like there are comparisons between Lexus and Infiniti or Mercedes and BMW there are always comparisons to be made. Do what you want. You won't find the decision by reading forums, unfortunately.
  • We live in VA which also has goofy rules about EVs and dealerships. Tesla was able to get exemptions for two stores. So our nearest store is also over 100 miles away. We can't participate in the referral program either. Make sure to use a referral code if you don't live in either VA or OH. But we can technically purchase a Tesla in state.

    We drove to the Tesla store and test drove the Model 3 and it exceeded my high expectations! Just, Wow!
    So, we ordered a Rear wheel drive 3, but ended up canceling that and ordering the Model Y, which we decided was a better fit for us. Now, that is a car we never test drove, but our decision was based on tons of online research. I've coveted a Tesla since I first heard of them am super excited to be taking delivery on 12/2.

    Go test drive a Tesla! The road trip is worth knowing you are buying the safest, most technologically advanced car available. And the driving experience is not comparable to any other car. And all that from an hour long test drive.

    Hope you decide to purchase a Tesla and enjoy it.
  • Things are all good don't believe everything bad you read if you want and like it order it. We now own 2 and would not hesitate to buy another and another.
  • I have a BMW Z4 6 speed manual - absolutely love it and have no intentions of parting with it.
    I also drive newer Suburban LTZ - most comfortable ride I own,
    but for my daily driver - I went with the Model Y and love it (at least until my Cybertruck is avail)
  • Get the Y, you won't regret it.

    I came from an '18 Audi SQ5 (prior car to that was a 2012 BMW X5 diesel) and the interior quality is overall better than the Tesla BUT it's not worlds apart. I have been 99.9% happy with the interior quality of the car and overall build quality. No complaints or regrets. In fact, I haven't been this happy and excited about owning and driving a car since my very first car when I was 17 years old.
  • @Jeeth,

    Like everyone else said, get it, you'll love it. my last couple cars were (BMW 535, Audi S6, older Model S P85 (had for almost 5 years) and then to the Model Y. Went with The Model Y because it seemed (and is) bigger than the 3. I'm 6'1" and when I get in the seat goes way back.

    I also like how the Model Y is higher off the ground than the 3 and my model S for that fact.

    I was first worried I would be taking a step back from the S to the Y but I don't feel that way at all.

    You'll be happy with which ever model you choose.
  • I'm a fan of German cars. Owned a few Mercedes, including an M320 and a SLK. I've also owned a couple of BMW, and currently own a Boxster. I traded a BMW X1 for the Model Y and I think the fit and finish has been as good as that BMW. Its not as good as the SLK or the Porsche but I have been impressed.

    Similar situation, drove for 2 hours to get to a Tesla Sales location for a test drive. Looked at the Model 3 but really wanted the Y.
  • Go with the Model Y. I upgraded from a 2018 Model 3 in September 2020. I love driving both the Teslas, and prefer the Model Y cause it sits higher and has more trunk space for my son's and my mountain bikes. I previously owned BMW 3 series, Audi Q7 and Lexus RH350. The Model Y drives better and I don't miss the living "gas station" museums. The Superchargers are available for long road trips. Then again, I love technology.
  • You will be lucky if Tesla actually delivers your model Y. Some of us have been waiting 12 weeks. Go with 3 or another car. Unless you don’t actually need a car right away, then order a model Y and enjoy the wait.
  • I bought a M3P a year and a half ago and love it! We bought the wife a MY a couple months ago. I offered the Kiddos a Tesla, but both declined and have hybrid Toyotas (Prius and RAV4).

    As much as I love my M3P, I would probably buy a MY for myself now. Just bigger, smoother, and longer range . . . Will trade in my M3P when Tesla informs me that the tri-motor CyberTruck is heading my way!

    Long story short: you can’t go wrong with either a M3 or a MY.
  • Test drove multiple times, have sat in them in the show room and love the car. Ordered the MY. I am coming from a 2017 Mercedes SUV and the word luxury means nothing to me anymore. I have been laughing at all the little issues owners are reporting like panels gaps. Mercedes is not immune to panel gaps either. I can also tell you about the 16, yes 16, service center visits during the 3 year lease of the car.

    -Brakes replaced twice
    -Brake squealing to this day
    -Defective headlight replaced
    -Wheel and tire air issues
    -Infotainment unit was replaced when it stopped working completely
    -Keyless entry and push to start working 50% of the time, and that’s generous
    -Doors sticking and replacing seals multiple times

    It recently spent a week in the shop because it was shaking and wouldn’t drive over 20 mph. Was informed they needed to remove and replace the entire motor.

    So if this MY I am buying has only a handful of issues It’s a big win in my book.

    If you consume yourself with the forums you will drive yourself nuts. They are a great place for questions, help and advice but they are also like Yelp where the angry are more motivated to post and complain. Not saying there is anything wrong with that but It’s true.
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