Gen 3 wall Charger 48amp to 24amp

I had electricians run a new breaker box to my garage with a 100amp breaker.
Gen 3 wall charger will charge at 48amps for about 20-30 mins Then drop down to 24amps. The first LED on charger then blinks red once and the rest go green.
After 3 service appointments they keep telling me it’s a update. But it never receives the update.
This issue Happens with both my Tesla’s.
2020 model 3 performance
2020 model y long range.


  • @ankeedo1,
    Your electrician might have installed wiring that is too small for 48 amps and causes a voltage drop that your car detects so it drops to 24 amps.
    Or, there could be a problem in the car.
    You might want to have another electrician check the wiring for the gauge and length of the run to be sure it is adequate for 48 amps continuous load.
    Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a 48 amp public charger but you might look at or to see if there are any 48 amp Tesla Destination Chargers in your area to try to see if it is a problem with your car.
  • Do you know what version firmware is installed on the Gen3 Wall Connector? I was having issues with charge rate dropping and would get a triple flash red light code.
    Tesla Home Charging support was able to push a firmware update and so far it is working better.
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