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Tesla Recalls 9,500 Cars One Week After "Consumer Reports" Dings Its Reliability

"Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is recalling over 9,100 Model X cars and 400 Model Y SUVs just six days after Consumer Reports questioned the reliability of several models. While the more extensive recall is for a largely cosmetic problem, the other is a serious safety issue that increases the risk of a crash."


  • I think Tesla should do what GM does. Just call it a design flaw. That way they would not need to fix anything just like GM. As you may recall GM won a lawsuit because they called their cracking rims a design flaw and not a defect and their warranty only covers defects.
  • Howard,

    Since you didn’t post a link I googled to find the info. Seems it’s a possible loose bolt that is the recall. Serious problem as it is part of the steering. Glad the are checking the effected cars. I found the story right after the recall story more interesting....

    Shares of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) are rising sharply again, following an 8% gain on Tuesday. The electric-car maker's stock is up following Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas' decision to increase his price target on the stock by $180.

    As of 12:10 p.m. EST, the growth stock had climbed as much as 9%.
  • It's just Howard: Pushing bad headlines to fake out the stock market sneaker-wearing so-called "analysts" and potential newbies to the forum.
  • Model X is a car and Model Y an SUV? Seems legit.
  • I can’t believe Howard’s boss is making him work on thanksgiving. My condolences Howard.
  • > @Spuzzz said:
    > I can’t believe Howard’s boss is making him work on thanksgiving. My condolences Howard.

    FISH demands a lot of his trolls
  • > @HAL2001 said: > I think Tesla should do what GM does."

    Which would be recall. Tesla fights the recalls and tries to call them "service bulletins" to avoid NHSTA regulations.

    "You've probably heard of money laundering. There is also something called "lemon laundering." This practice consists of automakers trying to avoid lemon laws in order to resell defective cars they were obliged to buy back. Multiple automakers were busted doing this in the past. Now, lawyers and consumer protection entities suspect Tesla is doing the same. And they say they have evidence – some of them related to goodwill repairs."
  • More bad news:

    U.S. agency opens probe into 115,000 Tesla vehicles over suspension issue

    Whatever is going on with front suspensions falling apart?
  • Meanwhile, TSLA just surpassed Berkshire Hathaway in value. Whole lot of nothing news in trying to suppress the share price for indexers and benchmarks for S&P inclusion in 3 weeks so they can afford their requisite 280,000,000 shares. Market has ignored these nothingburgers.
  • Yes, lucky for Tesla the valuation run up will cover a whole lot of recalls and lawsuits.
  • Who says recalls are a negative? A systemic problem discovered and recall. Great! Let’s get er done!
    But what’s this “a whole lot?” 9500 out of all Tesla’s is not really a whole lot.
  • And it was simply a gluing issue for a light plastic piece. NBD. Hasn’t caused any problems.
  • Just Howard’s evolution from technical nit picking troll to full blown anti Tesla anything troll
  • > @FISHEV said:
    > > @HAL2001 said: > I think Tesla should do what GM does."
    > Which would be recall.

    Explain to me how GM claims their cracking rims are a design problem and therefore not covered by the warranty because their warranty only covers defects in workmanship and not design flaws. So GM told everyone to go buy their own new rims.

    GM didn’t recall their rims they dumped it on the customer. You have a strange imagination.
  • Howard,

    115,000 cars..... that’s nothing, and it’s not a recall it’s an investigation, the reported issue does not cause loss of control and it isn’t about model 3. It’s a S or X issue.

    Unlike GM who

    recalled 7 million cars this year for air bags

    And recalled 194,000 cars this year for fire problems.

    Seems your trying to make a big deal out of a small investigation.
  • GM didn't recall their bargain basement ignition switches and 124 people died. Hard to compare that with a decorative applique.
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