Model 3

NOA freeway merge scare

When using NOA to come home from work daily I merge on the freeway. Several times it has happily tried to merge me into the side of a very large truck after lining me up about half way down it's length. I've tried to let it go as long as I dare but when it gets me to what feels like 10" away I pull out of it's trajectory. It doesn't show the truck as red or seem to care. wtf? I realize it sees one wide lane as I come down to merge but come on.... It's such a basic move traffic or not. Anyone else experience and lose confidence in this? 2018 M3 Dual motor with FSD option.


  • what version software? Can you post the details on the location? Maybe GPS from google maps? Can you post the video so we can try and figure out what is going on?
  • Sounds scary, have you filed a bug report with Tesla after it happens?
  • NOA certainly is not fully ready. That is why FSD is not ready yet and you are still the driver.
    You should not be scared, you should be driving.
    A bug report will help to train the autopilot so that will be better than complaining about something Tesla has already told us.
  • Remember, the current software that most of us have is only a driver assist system. It is very capable, but also very limited. Drive with the system to learn what it is capable of and what it is not. Let it do what it can and take over when the situation dictates. Never trust it.
  • The best thing to do in that situation, I think, is to disengage by steering away from the truck. Then do a verbal bug report. The software should flag it as an action you took to override NOA, which makes it more likely to get reviewed.
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