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Regarding battery degradation

I have a 2018 dual motor M3 with ~16000 mi.
at 87% charge shows 232mi est range and 244 rated range. That works out to 267 mi and 281mi range respectively for 100%. I know this is a calculated estimation and better to use energy but it sure seems so low? I charge almost daily to 80% and 90% on friday for the weekend. prob average 20-30 miles daily for work. last 30 mi average Wh/mi= 252. I have FSD and extra power options. I drive mostly NOA but often like to take off from stops. Rarely use brakes. I've used a supercharger once in 2 years. 95% use 240 charging avail at work. seat heaters sometimes or AC during summer. (So Calif). Flat driving 99% of time.
311 down to 281 or worse 267 ranges? Is that normal???


  • I think you will get many opinions on this. Since the car is a 2018 I would recommend next time you need service to ask Tesla about it, see what they say.
  • This should help.
  • Question, what is the normal state of charge before you plug in. If > 30% then the Battery Management system is not likely giving accurate reading of the Rated Range. Seems the Battery Management likes a regular 90% to 20%. Since you only charge to 90% once weekly the variation may not be the battery but the Battery Management calculation of the battery's capacity. I have a 2018 Model 3 with 59K miles. My original battery showed at 100% 309 after the 2019 range boost it went to 313 miles. Today when I charge to 100% it will show range of 306. Now my charge pattern is this.
    Most days I charge to 70 or 80% depending on my planned drive for the day.
    2 days a week before I leave about hour before I will bump it to 90% with the prior state was at 80%.
    Once about every 6 weeks I will bump the charge to 100% which will take about 3 hours to reach the 100% from 80%. This is the charge that will reset the Battery Management system to more accurately read the rated range of the car.
    One average once a week I will do a SuperCharge charge to 80%, this is not the best for the car but required for that day to have to range to complete activities for that day. Now since I know with most of my miles being highway in Middle TN that is never flat I will never see rated range. My current lifetime watts per mile is 269. My normal energy display mode is Percent versus Miles. If I want to see what my range estimate is I will use the energy projection range over the display rated range as it's more accurate to current driving conditions.
    Based on some math if we take the current rated range divided by the highest rated range charge to 100% we see that I have less than 1% degradation in 59K miles and 2 years of ownership.
    My recommendation for you if you want your rated range to be more accurate is every month or 2 do a 100% charge, till it actually stops charging and says charging complete, then immediately start driving it. Prior to that 100% charge about every 6 weeks I noticed that my rated range had dropped to 299 but after the second time of a charge to 100% it jumped back up to the 306. The key here for the batteries health is to make sure you start the drive right after it is done charging. Just remember you will have 0 regenerative breaking at first and will likely require getting to 95% before you see full regenerative breaking so no one foot driving during this time.
  • I recently came across this YouTube video by Kim Java called "How Tesla Wants You to Charge Your Car in 2020". It looks like it's the same one that HAL2001 recommended.
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