Model X

Tesla summon hit a wall, is this normal?

My 2020 Tesla Model X hit a wall while using summon to back into the garage. The garage had about 3 feet clearance on either side, but there is an electrical box that protrudes about 8” from the right wall. The car hit this metal box on the right rear side, just behind the rear door and dented/ scratched the panel.

Why would this happen? Has anyone else had problems like this? Will Tesla cover the damage?


  • Hard to say why it occurred. The ultrasonic sensors appear not to have seen it. They are not perfect and the signal may have bounced off the object so that was not reflected back to the sensor or it was out of view of the cameras. You need to be aware of low objects nearby, even if you are not in the car.

    Sorry to say, Tesla will not cover the damage, but your insurance should.
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