Order to delivery process

Ordered my Model 3 on 10/25 and delivery time was 6 to 10 weeks. I checked about 10 days ago and it said Dec 6 to Dec 31 (seemed reasonable, and I live in Florida). I checked again on 11/24 and it said 11/24 to 12/6 - holy crap, I need to get some money transferred from an on-line bank to my local bank asap, and get the insurance ready. I was surprised because I thought that when I ordered my Model S in 2015, I received the VIN the week it was going into production, and I haven't received anything on this one. Well, I checked again yesterday and it is back to 12/6 to 12/31. What a tease, or do you think it fell off the truck? No biggie, as I haven't sold my S yet, anyway. One thing I feel confident about, is that I'll get it by year end, for sure. No real question here - I'm just excited.


  • Congratulations! I'm picking up my MY on 12/2, so yeah, excited! I found my VIN by accident and I missed the 3 text messages asking me to schedule a delivery date.

    Our wonderfully helpful SA, Eve, at the Richmond, VA store explained that the 2nd is the tentative date. As long as there are no problems, like a weather delay or the truck breaking down, we should be good to go. I'll receive a text 24 - 36 hours before hand to confirm the delivery date.

    Of course I hope you get it soonest. This waiting is nerve wrecking.
  • vi9cki, congrats to you too. Whenever we receive them, it will be a Merry Christmas! Makes the wait for my Cybertruck more bearable. Good luck.
  • I had a similar experience. I was listed at 12/15-12/29 when I originally ordered. I was checking a couple of times a day..... voila...... a week ago the estimated delivery showed 11/24-12/08, but only for like 8 hours. Now it’s at 12/8-12/29. So who knows...... the anticipation is killing me. I’m in CA by the way.
  • Update to my original post - sold my S, still no VIN, and estimated delivery date is now 12/14 - 12/28. It seems like they should be better able to predict delivery dates much sooner, at least within a couple of weeks. Mine has bounced all around, back and forth. Should I be concerned?
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