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2021 Model 3 Wipers stopped working

I have a dual motor long range Model 3. Wipers stopped working in all modes two days ago. I tried soft and hard resets with no luck. It was raining out and I had to leave the car at work. While waiting for my ride, a software updated started on the car. It completed to 2020.44.15. After it was updated I received a warning to contact Tesla service for a software update. The wipers still did not work in any mode after the update. The next day I went back to work to drive my car back home. I tried out the wipers and they worked twice in manual mode and then nothing in all modes again. I tried the washer and I heard the pump go on twice without any fluid then no sound of the pump after that. I contacted Tesla service on the phone app and my appointment is over two weeks out. First problem I have had with the car, otherwise works great. Any ideas on what is going on will be appreciated.


  • Make a service appointment.
  • Scheduling service through the app is an automated process. Service will manually evaluate the need of the repair after you make your appointment through the app and then often offer a sooner appointment.
  • Thanks, I tired wipers this morning again and they work in manual mode in position 3 and 4 only. The wiper washer button not the steering column does not engage the wipers at all but the washer fluid did spray with no wipers. So, looking forward to hearing from service.
  • Repeatable errors are the easiest for the Techs to diagnose. Hopefully Tesla can resolve the issue quickly without inconveniencing you too much.
  • > @mja6_98613338 said: Any ideas on what is going on will be appreciated."

    Bad wiper motors or controls. 20-30 days out is about average for service work. That would make the car undriveable here in in PNW. You'd think Tesla would prioritize repairs like these were quality issue disables the car.

    New car to boot. Tesla should give you a loaner.
  • “20-30 days out is about average for service work.”
    Ummm no it isn’t. 1-2 weeks, unless you get major body work.

    Is your SC close to you? If yes, try driving up to them, they may squeeze you in if they consider it a safety issue (undrivable without said function). The SC near us is good like that. Just a thought.
  • Buy some Rain X. It will get you through the few weeks. Wipers are unnecessary.
  • Actually, Tesla service responded today and is going to replace the wiper module and a body module controller. The time frame for the repair may be improved from the original estimate.
  • Sweet!
    Not quite a month out, eh? Lol
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