Model 3

Sentry Mode Alert shows old video

When I get in my car with an indicator showing there has been a sentry event with "click here to view" all that comes up are videos from March 16,2020. I never seen any new footage. Any assistance would be appreciated! Steve


  • Is the file playing from the Sentry folder? (It should default to that, yes, but just troubleshooting here.)
    Also, try reformatting the drive via the car screen (this clears the drive of all files), set Sentry mode, walk back to your car, walk around it to trigger sentry cam, get in and check the clip.
  • Make sure your dashcam is turned on and working. Sentry Mode can be active even without the dashcam. Since you’re able to view (old) video in the car, we know you have a working TeslaCam drive.
  • My sentry mode seems to be very sensitive and flashes the lights at the slightest movement. I park my 3 in the front garden parallel to a cul-de-sac with very little traffic. The rear of the car is visible to passing traffic but the front and right side are behind a fence. How can I reduce the sensitivity?
  • You can’t reduce sensitivity but you can reposition car to not expose it to movement.
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