Model 3

Wider FSD Beta release coming in two weeks?


  • Elon is notoriously bad at predicting software releases, so don’t get your hopes up.
  • I take this as widening the early access. Then (my guess) general fleet by Xmas.
  • I think general fleet won't get it before the end of this year, but honestly, I don't mind. It just gives them more opportunity to get more data and refinements from the full eap group before putting it out. (Although I would love to be a Canuck eap :)
  • Canada eh!? I grew up in Brandon MB and Saskatoon SK before immigrating to US.
  • Why the delay? Level 2 still puts the responsibility squarely on the driver/operator. No real risk to Tesla. Oh, I forgot it is just to drag out the free marketing hype as well as let the Tesla fanatics make all the false claims without liability to Tesla. Genius!
  • Take a hike, Howard. Even an person as disconnected from reality as yourself should realize that Tesla is refining the software; they'll release when they're good and ready.
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