Help! Recover an overwritten "dashcam RecentClip" from USB.

Did anyone successfully recover an overwritten dashcam video clips from their Tesla thumbdrives? I have a FAT32 formatted USB drive.

My car got hit-and-run when it was legally parked. Dashcam recorded the whole incident but I lost this video clip after one view. Because I did not manually save the video and it got overwritten.

I tried the recover tools people mentioned on Tesla forum ( and I was not able to recover the clip I need.


  • If it is actually overwritten (not just an expression), then it is gone. I assume this is a sentry mode recording. Those recordings stay forever until the USB is full and Tesla needs space, then they really do get overwritten. So, sorry to say, odds are its probably gone.
  • It’s very unlikely anything in SentryClips would have been deleted unless you have a very small USB drive. Are you sure the video was deleted or are you not looking in the right place?
  • Just ran into the same problem. Ran the free Microsoft winfr file recovery command line program on my SanDisk 128Gb USB 3.1 flash drive and it seems to have recovered nearly every video clip since I put the drive in the Model 3, 2.5 months ago (nearly 4000 clips). I believe I used the /x /y:MPEG switches. The download site claims it only works on exFAT flash drives <4Gb but I gave it a try anyway and was very happy. Took a while. Granted, my flash drive is big enough that it's deleting clips but apparently not overwriting.
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