Charging in West Gallup NM, no bathrooms

Hotel at this charging station would not allow anyone to use the bathroom. They said the public bathroom was closed due to COVID. If that is true I completely understand - but how can this be?


  • Gallup, NM is probably the worst Supercharger site I've come across. Unfortunately, there really isn't much around. It has been slow when I've tried to use it, there are only 4 stations, its an unpleasant walk to the nearest food (truck stop) which is marginal at best, and now we find the hotel is not so friendly.
    I tried to use the EA station in town once, when the Supercharger was running slowly and backed up 8 cars deep. Unfortunately, the single CHAdeMO port wouldn't even let me start a charging session. Tesla is still probably the best around. It's probably worth pushing on to Holbrook, AZ if you can.
    Unfortunately, in such a remote location, one must expect a little hardship as there aren't many choices. I recommend planning to spend a little more time than usual charging on this leg.
  • i've done four 2000+ mile trips during COVID and have altered my restroom strategy to not necessarily use my charging stops as biobreaks. Many hotels have altered their policies to restrict to guests only. My preferences now are in order:

    Hwy rest areas: Clean (many have attendants now), largely uninhabited, quick on-off so doesn't add much time.

    Home Improvement stores: Also clean and relatively unused, these stores have a large volume to customer ratio and are well ventilated, often located close to chargers.

    Grocery stores: Typically more crowded but still pretty safe and clean, lots of chargers in the Midwest are located at grocery stores.

    Strategically located bushes: Not always available but as a male it is quick and safe for no. 1

    Lastly, truck stop, travel center, gas mini mart: More crowded, not always as clean although the larger chains are pretty good.
  • Pee in the dirt or check in at Navajo Comfort Inn. 😆
  • It's pretty common in New Mexico right now, even gas stations often won't let you use the facilities. The rest stops are still open, but state and many federal parks are closed including their restrooms. You will have to find a big box store as they are about all that are open
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