Model 3

Mud flaps.

Looks like I need mud flaps as I am getting a build up of hard to remove tar. But in looking online it appears Tesla only has front mud flaps? I thought they were a set of 4? Anyone get them yet?


  • I put these on after the hard ones got loose and came off.

    Three different sizes depending on your weather. Soft so they won't break off but stiff enough to do the job.
  • After more than a year of reading reviews and consideration, I chose these:

    Only the fronts, but including cut PPF for the rear wheel wells, they don’t look quite as good as the molded types, but don’t capture road salts, etc.. I live where there is snow and, so far, they do what they’re supposed to.
  • The first winter with our 3 I made some rally style flaps. A little over a year ago I got these, no complaints, function as they should.

    TOPlight Tesla Model 3 Mud Flaps Splash Guards 4Pcs Set Full Protection Mud Flaps for Tesla Model 3 Accessories
  • I installed the Taptes mud flaps. $30 last year and 20 minutes to install. From what I’ve seen online, most of the others available are identical to mine. I still get an occasional tar spot, but it’s easily removed.
  • I just got from
    Real easy to put on & look good. Time will tell how they work.
  • > @ajgianoli_98414064 said:
    > After more than a year of reading reviews and consideration, I chose these:

    Those look good. Flexible and clever no drill design. But no rear flaps. has front and rear and also includes a piece of PPF for rear fender. I had my entire rocker cover protected by PPF up to four inches up in addition to the mudflaps.
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