electrical box failure

installed electrical box in 2014 and now on our third model S. smelled electrical burning and after electrician came saw the plug that goes into box is burned and the box itself burned/melted. Electrician said boxes do fail after a while and the burden on the box after 6 years of constant use is not unusual.Is there a stronger box than the one we installed? Electrician says they are all the same.


  • No, they are not all the same. I assume you are talking about the outlet/receptacle. There are three categories - consumer, commercial, and industrial. Consumer-grade is the cheapest and is designed for fixed appliances like an oven or dryer where it is unplugged maybe 2-3 times in its life. Industrial is designed for many insertions and removals. EV owners should always get the industrial version.

    Here is my list of outlets and part numbers for industrial outlets:

    Note that while a consumer outlet may cost $25, the industrial versions are often close to $100. Still cheaper than having your house burn down!
  • tell you electrician he is WRONG

    Here is a great video review of different 14-50 receptacles.
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