Model 3

Another Excellent Service Experience

Posted in Model 3 as per request:

Juste came back from the service center.

Placed a service call via the App on Monday because the seat heater of driver side wasn’t working as strong as before.

Was functioning at level 1 when was out to level 3.

Had an appointment on Wednesday.

They changed the seat heaters this morning, got my car back back after work today.

They cleaned the car and checked all the wires under the back bumper to see if everything was fine with all the snow that could affect according to the tech. Replaced the bearings of the upper arms of both front wheels. They say they have noticed some problems with those from winter corrosion.

Love the fact that I live 10 minutes away from the service center and they don’t hesitate to lend a loaner if the job takes more than 1 hour.

Service is always prestige but this is the first time I get an appointment the following working day. (Not Holiday today here in Canada)


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