How to check my FSD version?

How to check the FSD software version in the car? Whether have everyone updated the Full Self-Drive software to version Beta 5? If not, when can I expect to receive the update? Thanks.


  • FSD beta has only gone out to a very few select individuals. Wider release in a couple of weeks to broader early access participants. Wide release will be sometime after that. If you are not aware if you are part of early access, then you are not.
  • To answer your first question, open the Tesla app on your phone and scroll down to the very bottom. There you will see the software version your car currently has installed.
  • You can also check the firmware version on the touchscreen, either on Controls > Software or by touching the Tesla logo.
  • Thank you for all replies. I know my current software version is 2020.44.25 and also think that I haven't got the FSD beta version. However, as far as I know, the software for FSD Beta 5 version is 2020.44.15.3. It is lower than my version. So, I am confused by the version numbers.
  • Don't stress about the version numbers, just pay attention to the release notes when you get a new version as they will tell you what is new in the version.
  • We are all anxiously awaiting FSD beta. It is in very limited release to a select few beta testers. You will have to be patient like the rest of us.
  • The limited beta builds come from a different code branch than the general release builds, so they have different version numbers.
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