Model S

Comparing Esses...

Suppose one bought cars entirely based on looks.

Suppose some thought you an Idiot (But I repeat myself!)

In this extreme (At least here, I trust) edge case, how would the Model S compare with the Taycan 4S?

Since as Yogi said, there is a lot more said than done, esp on forums, I decided to do something and make side by side video comparisons of the two cars today, (My last day before lockdown)




  • I thought the Mission E looked amazing but not my style, so I could appreciate a car's looks without wanting the car for myself. The taycan looks ho-hum. I would have been disappointed if I had been looking forward to getting the Mission E, and Porsche watered down the looks and came up with the taycan which is also a ho-hum name.
  • It does look like they watered it down a bit.

    My impression was the interior was kinda bland.

    No way would the wife let me trade her benz for a Taycan. The best laid plans, etc
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