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Powerwall power control for grid output reduction and dynamic charging while low energy prices

Hello Together.

So far my experiences with the powerwall are limited to integrating a stepless electronic water heater and a smart socket to charge a PHEV at my friends house with a Node-red script reading the Gateway.

This year i decided to build my first 9,9 kWp Solar System but based on a LG ESS which has a 3 Phase Backup power and is Black Start able. In retrospect this was a bad decision. The Backup power ist weak and the battery has significantly fewer capacity as promised and paid. Meanwhile i arranged that LG will take my system back so i can upgrade to another system.

My installer in the past has installed mosty Tesla Powerwalls, so i would like to take one too. It has other problems. To recharge my solar system in backup i would need a Singe phase inverter. Typically in europe for 10kw you will have only 3-phase inverters to keep the unbalanced charge within bounds. 2x5kW are to strong too.

My biggest problem that i am facing is that i'm searching for an option to control the charge/discharge power of the powerwall. In Germany in small solar sites you have to limit your grid output to 70% of the maximum installed PV Module capacity (or allow your energy provider to remotly shutting it down) . Instead of limiting the inverters to 70% (static limitation) i would like to reserve capacity of the powerwall for the peak time and then dynamically charge the battery while the peak occurs, so i don't need to waste energy. Otherwise in the winter when the PV is generating to few Energy for the house alone, I would like to dynamically charge the Powerwall and/or Car. The typical reaction of the powerwall to discharge and then charge the car would be contraproductive then.

So how can i control the Powerwall output/input power?

Best wishes,


  • That reads like a good question for a second or third-tier Tesla Customer Support person. We're all customers, just like you.
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > That reads like a good question for a second or third-tier Tesla Customer Support person. We're all customers, just like you.

    Ah, ok, that is inconvenient.
    But how do i get their attention? In germany their mail Adresses are quite reduced. I Tried [email protected] that they might forward me to the right person, but not one reaction.
  • These phone numbers have been used with success in the states:

    1-877-961-7652 (Found to work as of 10/30/20)

    I don't know if you can dial in from Europe.
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