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Proximity Nag

I used to have a problem with an alarm going off when I backed into my garage. Someone on this forum told me how to disable it. I think this is different, but very similar. I needed to back slowly into my back yard, and it is pretty tight. An alarm sounded, and the brakes stopped the car suddenly. That never happened in the garage. So I waited a few seconds, and started to creep backward slowly. Brakes again. It took 5 tries to get all the way into the yard. I want to find the button that says "Stand down, Nag, I know what I'm doing."


  • The parking assist sensors will not brake your car under any circumstances, so that isn’t what you’re seeing. There is no automatic braking when backing up. For that matter, the car won’t brake when you move forward either, at low speeds.
  • The car was applying its brakes. It came to an abrupt stop each time.
  • I have backed into the same back yard before without encountering this situation. There is no question that the car was taking things into its own hands and over-riding the human's intentions. Maybe this is a unannounced "enhancement." I want to be able to defeat it when circumstances are under control, despite what the computer thinks.
  • What warning comes up on the screen? If one doesn't show then I think you have something that needs checking out by a SC...
  • I would speculate that it may be the addition of the (H) hold braking feature this year which applies the brakes when the car has essentially stopped. Perhaps your reverse creep speed is just slow enough that this feature comes into play. I cannot confirm it works in reverse, but it definitely works going forward when I creep into my garage.
  • I was thinking the same as @hamfish_635978 and can confirm that it does engage in reverse. If you are set on "Hold" mode, it might be that you need to change that for this particular operation.
  • The manual says vehicle hold works when in a "driving gear," which should include reverse. I suspect that's what is happening to the OP.
  • If I understand these response correctly, what I experienced was the result of the car thinking it should be standing still with the brake engaged, just like at a stoplight. As I said, I was proceeding backwards cautiously, so I guess the car decided there was unintended creep going on. I know that it used to be the case that engaging that "hold" feature required a little extra pressure on the brake pedal with the car already stopped, right? So this "improvement" is something I would prefer to defeat, if there is any way to do that. I'll probably have to live with it, and do as hokiegir1 suggests.
  • In your controls, under driving, look at "stopping mode," if Hold is selected, that could be your problem. You can change to "roll" and see if that helps.
  • Brakes stopping car "suddenly" is not how properly functioning hold works.
  • Put your seatbelt on and stay seated
  • When the car brakes unexpectedly, what gear status is shown on your touchscreen?

    To elaborate on the previous reply, if you’re unbelted and lift your butt while looking over your shoulder, the car can shift into park. Any chance that’s what is happening?
  • > @"Magic 8 Ball" said:
    > Brakes stopping car "suddenly" is not how properly functioning hold works.

    I wouldn't exactly call it "suddenly", but unexpectedly if you aren't used to it in reverse and expect different behavior. When "hold" mode was first released, I was used to "roll." My in laws have a very steep driveway, so I was accustomed to using the accelerator just a bit to get started, then basically rolling backward down the driveway with my foot off the pedal and covering the brake (but no pressure on it). The first 2 times I did this after switching to hold, there was an abrupt stop when I took my foot off the accelerator entirely. Working as designed, yes -- but still unanticipated and a bit jarring. Now that I've gotten used to it, I keep my foot with a bit of pressure on the accelerator and don't have the issue.
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