Model 3


Fingers crossed for FSD, installation in progress.


  • Post the release notes!
  • You lucky duck.
  • I was trying to research that build, found this site-

    Don’t know anything about the site, looks like the software is going out 12/1 which is tomorrow here. Where are you located Duck?
  • Downloading 48.5 as well. Seattle/Tacoma area.
  • Damnn, nothing on FSD.

    Here are the release notes highlights:
    Text Messaging Improvements,
    TRAX v0.2
    Sentry Mode Improvements

    I'm from PDX btw.
  • Must not be the holiday update. Thanks for the update.
  • Out of curiosity, what are the sentry mode improvements?
  • M3phan - Sentry Mode footage of the last panic event will now be saved to onboard memory. To view or save this clip, plug in a USB device, launch the Dashcam Viewer, and tap the save icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Not sure I understand, what is a sentry panic event?
  • Perhaps a solution for losing the last video segment as the result of an accident. Just a guess.
  • That would not be sentry, that would be dashcam
  • HAL2001 - I have no idea either. I was assuming it was for an actual break-in or outside damage to the vehicle instead of just someone walking by and activating it.
  • Hopefully that means the videos are still available after someone steals your stick.
  • > @PrescottRichard said:
    > Hopefully that means the videos are still available after someone steals your stick.

    That's sounds perfectly right. Because it says to insert a USB, which technically should already be there. Sonic someone steals it, you will at least have the last major event protected for retrieval.

    Release notes here as well.
  • Looks like after 2 days of slow-to-moderate release, this one has been halted. Usually there is still a trickle for a few more days, but zero for today. I'd expect a 2020.48.6-or-higher to come up pretty soon and many might skip this one.
  • Ho Ho Ho. 😂
  • This update brings richer, meatier emissions mode.

    ...not really, but I can dream...
  • I just got my update. Is the car sensing stop signs better with this update?
  • If you have HW3 and fsd your car already does that.
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