Model 3

M3P Charge Port door issues

I've had my M3P for 10 weeks now. I have had the Tesla Home Charge installed and this is my primary way to charge. When I go to wash my M3P the charge port door will open immediately from the sponge going over it; very annoying. But when I go to put it on the charger, I press the button to open the charge port door, the door does not open. Taping the door, touching the door; nothing. I have to open my app on my phone to open the charge door or open the door from inside the vehicle's touch screen. WTH! What's the secret? A sponge on the end of my charger?


  • Your car locked when you try to connect your charger?
  • All you have to do is press button on your charger when you are never charging door.
  • Vehicle is unlocked. Pressing the button on the charger right in front of the port door does nothing when I go to connect the Home charger. Maybe I'm not giving it enough time??? 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec??? The button works when I go to remove the charger but never works to open the door when I go to plug in. The vehicle is in my garage and it's set to not lock when Home.
  • There is a similar discussion here:
  • That link refers to a broken door opener. My door opens fine as far as mechanics; the problem is getting the door to execute the opening.
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