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Mirrors auto unfold in garage sometimes. Is there any reason why? Can fold mirrors be added to app

I recently got a used 2014 P85 and I have the mirrors set to autofold when I get home and stay folded. But sometimes (I haven't figured out a consistent reason why) they unfold. My garage is pretty tight with 2 vehicles, and I have to park just right to be able to get in and out of both my car and truck. Yesterday I went to the store and the mirror was folded in so I was able to get in the truck relatively easy. When I got home less than an hour later I went to get out of the truck and the mirrors had unfolded giving me a few inches less room to get out. I would like them to never unfold in the garage. because sometimes they unfold and I have to fold the to get out of the garage to. An easy solution aside from never have them unfold at home for any reason would be adding a fold mirrors to the controls section of the app so if I get home and they are unfolded I don't have to squeeze out of my truck like a people sized piece of playdough coming out of the fun factory.
Does anyone else have this issue? I found one thing on the forums from a couple of years ago but it seemed like nothing ever got figured out, and if it did, it doesn't work for me.



    Save the link, it updates as the MS updates. There are 36 hits on the word mirror. It will answer your questions. Enjoy.
  • Turn off mirror auto fold, and instead set up the mirrors to auto fold when opening your garage with Homelink. That’s what I do, and it works perfectly. As you’ve discovered, with mirror auto fold enabled, the mirrors will unfold before you exit your garage.
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